You shape your life through the choices you make every day. By choosing more consciously, you make a difference in your daily life. As a professional organizer, I am happy to assist you in providing more overview and structure, at home or in the workplace:

Feel at HOME

Enjoy peace and overview at home. This way you save time and energy for the most important things in your life. I assist you in making choices about:


If you have more items than you need, I will gladly assist you in tidying up and organizing. You can also contact me for coordinating your relocation.

After the demise of a loved one I offer practical assistance. This way you are not alone.


I offer assistance in setting up and maintaining your bookkeeping. This can include mail (digital or physical), e-mails or photos (digital or analogue).

In addition, I can provide you with more insight in your financial situation to see if savings are possible.


If you would like to free up more time in your schedule, I can assist you in planning and prioritising household chores. 

This way, not everything ends up on your shoulders and you have more time for the things that really matter to you.

Enjoy your WORK

Create space in your workplace, in your inbox and in your mind. This way you achieve your goals and work with (even) more fulfilment.

Do you dream of a well-arranged workspace where you enjoy working? With my corporate assistance you discover how this is also feasible for you. Together we create space in your workplace, in your agenda and in your inbox. This creates more peace of mind. This way you can handle your tasks efficiently and reduce your work stress and the risk of burnout. Moreover, you have more energy left to spend at home.


If you have more items than you need, I will gladly assist you in tidying up and organizing. This gives you a better overview and saves you valuable time.


You can also turn to me for bringing your bookkeeping in order and making step-by-step plans for business processes.


I am happy to assist you in planning tasks and setting priorities. This allows you to work effectively and efficiently.

Tailor-made cooperation

Every collaboration is tailor-made. Read more about my approach:

Becoming a PO

The professional of professional organizer has been selected as one of the 21 professions of the future. Are you enthusiastic after reading my website and are you interested in learning more about working as a professional organizer yourself? Please find an overview of trainings and courses on the website

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